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Personal agency

 D & C Milling company offers the following services:

Recruitment agencies.

For businesses:

Executive Search is a method of direct search and selection of candidates according to the client’s specific criteria. It is

mainly used for managerial or highly specialized positions. Unlike recruitment, it is an active and targeted search of

candidates within a defined market area.

Outsourcing – staff leasing (long-term lease for the employees of your company. In this case, we take the responsibility

for accounting, labor and legal issues)

Recruiting – This type of selection is used for specialist positions and positions in management. To fill the positions we

use our own databases of candidates + advertising.

For applicants:

We take workers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European countries. The employees of our agency staff is

always a guarantee of work and wages. We work only with reliable and stable companies in the field of engineering.


The firm specializes in sredneseriynom, limited mass and individual production of various parts of the black and colored

metals, alloys, etc.

Our technological capabilities

CNC lathe Fermat SF 48/1000

Maximum workpiece weight: 1500kg

Maximum turning diameter (mm): 460

Maximum turning length (mm): 1000

Speed ​​range (min-1): 100-4500

Number of tool positions of the head: 8

Control system: Fagor 8055 TC

Horizontal Machining Center Tajmac – ZPS HMC 40 (4osi)

The size of the table
Length x width (mm): 400 x 400

Moving along the axis X (mm): 560

Moving along the axis Y (mm): 510

Moving along the axis Z (mm): 508

Number of pallets: 2

Maximum workpiece weight in kg: 400

Speed ​​range (min-1): 60-10000

Number of tools: 46

Control system: Heidenhain TNC 429

Vertical Machining Center MAS MCV 500 (4 axis)

The size of the table
Length x width (mm): 800 x 500

Lateral movement of table (mm): 500

Longitudinal movement of table (mm): 500

Vertical travel of table (mm): 500

Maximum workpiece weight (kg): 400

Speed ​​range (min-1): 60-8000

Number of tools: 20

Control system: Heidenhain TNC 429


Our company offers the service quality final product. In providing its services, we guarantee the quality of the work and

that all stages of the production process have been met in accordance with the standards.

Quality control of final products efficiently improve product quality and help prevent unexpected high costs associated

with complaints customers have purchased this product.

Separately, on all types of services you will find more detail on our website.